Maintaining good habits as we return to work

The post-COVID-19 working world is almost unrecognisable from the model we have lived for so long.  A client of mine has held two successful webinars to discover which, if any, of the changes are positive and how to embed them into the workplace going forward.  On the back of these webinars, Sticky Change created their first Whitepaper with the following graphic.

If you would like to download the full whitepaper, please click the link below.

Download the COVID-19 whitepaper.

Graphic text:

Turning Lockdown Healthy Practices into ‘How we do things around here’

Views from a cross-sector group of global organisational leaders captured during the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic

  • Create a clear sense of purpose and priorities
  • Find out what worked in lockdown and hold on to it
  • Develop your people – particularly your leaders
  • Manage performance
  • Engage your people

Leaders focusing on their people

Schedule regular 1:1 sessions with each direct report with them defining the agenda.  Then do not cancel them; they need to be prioritised and seen as a space where the individual can openly share what they think and how they feel – a safe psychological space.

Leaders trusting people to perform

Empowerment is challenging for many managers; increase access to training to provide managers with the skills to delegate appropriately, agree clear objectives, provide people with impactful feedback and hold effective conversations on performance, and doing all those virtually.

Be Lean, Nimble and Decisive

Implement meeting protocols, for example, making sure the right people and ONLY the right people are in every meeting, actions are recorded and followed up, and the chair or facilitator ensures all voices are heard.

Breaking down the Organisational Silos

Involve all the right people from the start, from all appropriate departments.  How often do we hear, for example, HR or Finance Business Partners saying ‘if only they had brought me in earlier!”.

Learning and Embracing New Technology

Provide guidance for virtual meetings such as webcams on, 2.5-hour maximum, and breaks every hour.  It is important to avoid ‘zoom fatigue’ – examples of guidance from our stakeholders include 2 hours ‘meeting free’ time in the middle of the day and none after 5.30 pm.

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