Why I love al fresco dining, I mean, working!

I like to think of myself as a Creative but, I’ll tell you something now.  Some days trying to be creative is like pulling teeth out through my nose.  Some days, being creative is painful.  There are days though, like today, when I get the opportunity to work outside, and it doesn’t half help get those creative vibes going.  I love working in the great outdoors, even a walk in the rain helps me immensely.  But why outside…


Albeit freedom is probably an illusion.  It makes me feel like I am free and have a massive amount of autonomy.  I’m sure I remember Dan Pink talking about an Australian workplace where employees have the freedom and they are much more productive.  Some people work better with constraints, but others, others like to feel and be free.  And there’s nothing that feels freer than being away from your desk.


In my experience, nature is an incredible muse.  The tweet of the birds in the trees.  The rustle of wind through the uppermost leaves.  Even, the plop of a fish jumping in a pond.  Being outside stimulates the senses in ways not experienced sat at an indoor desk.  To feel the experience, though, you must be open to it.

Oodles of Inspiration

There’s something about being outside that oozes inspiration… from the dainty butterfly landing delicately on the poppy to the Azurite dragonfly skimming across the pond, there is always going to be something that inspires the words to flow forth.  However, I’ll be honest, and say that somedays, nothing helps with the inspiration and I feel like a dried-up old prune.

Do you work outside?  If so, what is your favourite thing about working outside?  Please share it with me in the comments below.

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