How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Money

Deciding whether to outsource your admin to a specialist or hire a permanent member of staff is a significant decision to make.  It’s probably just as important as the original decision you made to start your business.

Depending on your individual circumstances, it may benefit you more to hire a VA.  Here’s a handy infographic with 5 ways a Virtual Assistant can save you money.

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Infographic Text:

VA Basics

5 Ways a VA can save you money

Recruitment Costs

The recruitment process can be time-consuming and costly.  Hiring a Virtual Assistant removes the recruitment process and costs related to it because you will usually be able to find one through your existing contact network.


It’s a fact that employees who feel they are being invested in perform better.  Training can be costly.  With a VA, you are not responsible for any training.  You can provide some of course, but it isn’t an obligation.

Holiday Costs

Employees are entitled to breaks, sick pay, and paid annual leave.  By hiring a VA, they take their own leave into consideration.  As a result, you only pay for the time they use to complete your tasks.

Office Equipment

In-house employees need somewhere to work.  A computer, a desk, a chair.  These items don’t come cheap and someone has to pay for them.  A VA works from their own office and, therefore, buys their own equipment.


All Virtual Assistants are self-employed – this means they have already found their motivation.  It is in their best interests to get your work done on time and to a high standard.

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